AVI to Windows Movie Maker, Import/edit AVI (XviD/DivX) files to WMM

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Have lots of .avi videos and import them to Windows Movie Maker for your editing job. However, be failed in importing some of them to WMM. Be very confused about it and want to find a solution.

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is a multimedia container format defined by Microsoft. As the AVI is a container, it can allows kinds of codecs for storing your video or audio data, such as XviD and DivX. Those files encoded by XviD or DivX share the same extension-.avi. However, the .avi files with XviD or DivX can not be supported by Windows Movie Maker. That's why some of .avi files can not be recognized by WMM.

Solution: Video Converter can easily decode the AVI files and convert them to Windows Movie Maker supporting format like WMV, MPG, MPEG, etc. Thanks to its customer-oriented layout, it is easy-to-use and not a must for you to have professional knowledge about the AVI codec.

Feel free to download the converter and install it to your PC. (Know more about the Video Converter.)

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Step 1: Convert AVI to Windows Movie Maker supporting WMV

Convert AVI to WMM

1. Click "Add File" to load the .avi file(s) that you can't import to WMM.

2. Select the output format under the menu of "Profile", for example: choose Windows Media Video (*wmv) as output format.
3. Hit "START" to begin the conversion from AVI to WMM.

Converting AVI

Tip: Click the "Open Folder" to easily access to the generated file.

Step 2: Import the .wmv file to WMM for editing

Find out the generated file, drag and drop it to WMM. And enjoy editing it with Windows Movie Maker.

Import AVI to WMM

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