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The large, high-resolution screen makes iPad perfect for watching many kinds of video yet without flash videos. Yes, No Flash on the iPad. It’s a little hard that watching flash video and listening with flash audio players is a big part of our internet experience. I’m happy and eager to “upgrade” from my iPod Touch for my casual on-the-couch web activities. YouTube, Hulu is the reason I want Flash. Now, Flash Video to iPad Converter is our perfect solution.

Flash Video to iPad Converter is a handy app that converts flash videos downloaded from YouTube, Hulu, Google, Yahoo, Myspace, etc. and adds native support for many popular video and adudio formats, including flv or swf to mov, mp4, mpeg-4, h.264, 3gp, avi, wmv, 3g2, vob, asf, rm , rmvb, mkv, DivX, mp3, aac, wav, m4a, and so on.

Flash Video to iPad converter helps you change mov file to flv format, transfer iTunes videos to flv, make iMovie movies to flv, convert Flip camcorder HD video mod, tod files to flv, mp4 Mac. It provides practical edit functions to optimize videos for various devices on iPad, iPod, iPhone,apple TV, Gphone, Blackberry by compressing flash video in different resolution/file size, such as rotate, crop, trim, join video/audio file and capture still frame in the flash andsave them as jpg, bmp or png. Different aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, original, full screen) can be selected according to specific needs.

Using Flash Video to iPad Converter, you and we can enjoy flash videos offline on iPad at will.

Here is 5-easy-step to watch flash on iPad with Flash Video Converter.

flash to ipad converter

Step1: Download and install Mac Flash Video Converter on Mac.

Step2: Add Flash video files.

Step3: Editing for your own needs, like trim, crop, merge, snapshot, etc.

Step4: Converting.

Step 5: Connect your iPad to Mac and transfer the generated video to iPad.

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