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Blu-ray is the final winner in the high definition optical disc format battle, conquering HD DVD format. Although Blu-ray discs look exactly the same as DVDs in size and shape, Blu-ray is superior to DVD in the three major aspects-image quality, sound quality and special features.

Last December, the Blu-ray Disc Association officially announced 3D specifications for Blu-ray Disc. Now, several 3D Blu-ray disc players are on the market, such as Panansonic DMP-BDT350, Samsung BD-C3900, Sony BDP-S770, PowerDVD 10, etc.

Are you still on the way to pick up an affordable and high-quality Blu-ray player? Want to play blu-ray movies on your handy devices, so you can enjoy the movies anytime with ease? Intend to backup the blu-ray movie content on PC or share with your friends?

Here is an impeccable Blu-ray player that can meet all those requirement s and do more than you expect. Download the free trial version, you can get 30 days to try it. With it, you can play Blu-ray 3D movie. What's more important, the 3D Blu-ray player liberates Blu-ray discs, you don't need a physical Blu-ray disc on hand to watch an HD movies. Like other blu-ray players, it can also applicable with DVD discs. 

Have general view of the Blu-ray player
1. Blu-ray decryption-Play and back up any Blu-ray movies
2. Easy-to-navigate interface
3. Blu-ray movie ripping-Rip the blu-ray disc for playback on portable device with simple three steps.

Blu-ray disc player

4. Practical features for personalizing the Blu-ray video
Edit Blu-ray movie

More features about the Blu-ray player.

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