How to put PDF on iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iTouch

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Quote 1: "I'm trying to get a bunch of eBooks I have (all saved as PDF's) onto my iPhone 4. How do I get them on there? I can't find a way to upload the PDF's to iTunes or anything in order to transfer them over... Help please?"-From  Yahoo!Answers

Quote 2: "How do I import a PDF file from my Win7 PC onto my iPhone 3GS, and then view this file on my iPhone?"-From Apple Discussions

Are you also bothered with the kind of problems-can't properly read PDF files on your iPhone or iTouch? Here show you two easy and effective ways to handle them.

Note: iOS4 was released to iPhone and iPod Touch users on June 21, 2010. Apart from iPad and iPhone 4, iBooks 1.1 can also be workable for other devices like iPhone 3G, iPod Touch with iOS 4. However, the first generation iPhones and iPod Touches can't support iBooks.

Solution 1: Check out whether your devices are associated with iOS4 + iBooks 1.1 + iTunes 9.2 or later. If yes, go on the following steps to sync and save PDF documents on your devices.

Add your PDF document(s) to iTunes 9.2 or later by drag and drop the file->connect your device to iTunes->Select your iPhone or iPod touch in the Devices list on the left in iTunes->click "Books" Tab->Enable Sync Books checkbox->if iTunes is set to only sync selected books, be sure to enable the checkbox next to the PDF you want to sync.->Finally click Sync.

In this way, you can view PDF e-mail attachments or PDF files from Safari with iBooks.

In addition, there is still another assured way for you to read PDFs on iPhone or iTouch without any hassle.

Solution 2: Convert PDF to ePub for your device. Then sync ePub files to iPhone or iPod Touch with iTunes 9.2 or later.

Three elements makes Solution 2 more versatile than Solution 1.

1. iBooks app uses the ePub format-the most popular open book format. iBooks can be more compatible with ePub documents than PDF raw files.

2. PDF files is bigger than ePub files in size. Reading big PDF files in safari always causes your device crash.

3. You can read ePub eBooks offline. 

Download PDF to ePub Converter and follow the tutorial on how to convert PDF to ePub for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iTouch.

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