Import AVCHD to Adobe Premiere Pro, Importing M2TS/MTS videos to Premiere Pro for editing

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Have a lot of M2TS or MTS videos and prepare to pay several hundred dollars to update your version for importing AVCHD to Premiere Pro for editing.

As early as in 2004, Premiere Pro Version 1.5 was released and improved support for high-definition video content. However, importing AVCHD for editing was not available at that time until the emergence of Premier Pro CS4. Premier Pro CS4 (excluding its trial version) can support importing and editing MTS or M2TS videos.

In fact, there is a affordable and workable way to meet your requirement, under the help of Video Converter. The converter can easily convert MTS/M2TS videos to Premiere Pro supporting formats like AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc without quality loss. Then import the generated videos to your current Premier Pro for editing. Additionally, the Converter can do more than that. Know more features about the Video Converter.

Full guide on How to import AVCHD to Premiere Pro

Step 1: Convert MTS/M2TS video to AVI for Premiere Pro

1.  Free Download the Video Converter and run it.

2. Click "Add File" to load .mts or .m2ts video(s) to the program.

3. Select the output format under the menu of "Profile". For example: choose "H.264 AVI".

4. Press "START" to begin the conversion from M2TS/MTS to AVI.

Tip: Hit "Open folder", you can easily find the generated file in the folder.

AVCHD to Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 2: Import AVI videos to Adobe Premiere Pro

Launch Adobe Premiere Pro->go to "File" tool bar-> click "Import" to select the generated file to the program. ->press "Open" to load it.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS 3

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