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Spreadsheet Converter, the unique and intuitive converting program, simplifies the process of converting Excel spreadsheet to Web page. No need for programmers, you can utilize it to create or build interactive and calculating web pages from Excel spreadsheets. On publishing spreadsheet to web, the Excel’s formulas are automatically converted to the program code and embedded in the HTML, which facilitates you doing online satisfaction survey, creating evaluation forms on the web, etc. 

The converter is an easy-to-handle add-on to the Microsoft Office Excel. After you download the converter on your PC, it can be automatically loaded to the Excel Panel. One click of “Convert” starts converting your Excel spreadsheet to a web page. Then, upload the web page to your desirable website and your spreadsheet can be shown on the web.

Key functions of Standard Version

1. Convert workbook with many worksheets
Supported chart formats: Pie, bar and column charts
Maximum number of cells-4000

2. Calculations and formulas
Max Excel functions supporting-170 most common
Date calculations and immediate recalculations
Formulas protected from editing and calculated Hyperlinks

3. Free submit service

4. 30 day money back guarantee and email support for 6 months
Convert between video, convert between audio, convert video to auido.

More functions about Pro Version

1. Support chart formats: bar, column, pie, line, xy, radar
2. Max number of cells up to 10000-40000 and 240 Excel functions supported.
3. Remember every file conversion settings
4. Free to redistribute generated web pages at no additional cost
5. Support advanced statistical functions, analysis ToolPak functions and advanced financial functions
6. 6 month free advanced submit service and E-mail support service extended to 1 year

Key features:

1. Momentary response: All calculations and validations are instantly done in the browser without interacting with Web server.
2. Perfect number formatting: If you set the format in your Excel spreadsheet, all the data are formatted. For example: if the user enters “5” into a percentage field, it will be automatically displayed as “5%”.
3. Web pages looking like Excel spreadsheet: The webpage also makes use of Excel formatings: font, size, font color, background color, borders, border types, images, etc. Create forms with dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, large text fields, etc with ease.
4. No need of Excel: The web page viewers don’t need to install Excel application for interacting with the form.
5. Non-programming skill requirements.


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