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Question 1: I made a video on Windows Movie Maker and it's saved as a .mswmm file. How can upload the file to Facebook?

Question 2: I’ve saved the video as .avi, but facebook says "it's too big" so how can I shrink the file to make it small enough to fit on facebook?-From Yahoo!Answers

What’s MSWMM file?
MSWMM files is a project file of Windows Movie Maker. You can save your project as the format for later access or modifications by clicking “Save Project (As)”. In short, it is not an actual video file. So you can’t upload the file to Facebook for sharing.
Step 1: Save WMM movie file

1.Open the Movie Maker program and load your MSWMM project file. Click “Save Movie File” to choose “Movie Location”.

Save Movie file

Tip: If the movie file is too big, you can do the step to cut the video firstly. Drag and drop the movie file on timeline. Then set the start and end trim points like this:

Trim video

2.Follow the “Save Movie Wizard”, name the movie file and specify the folder to save the file. Then make the movie settings for output file format.

Set movie file destination

In fact, there are two kinds exported file types to your selection-WMV or AVI. If you prefer to AVI format, choose “DV-AVI” file format under the menu of “Other settings”.

Export movie file

3.Press “Next” to save the video file. You can access to the video via your customized destination.

Step 2: Upload the Movie Maker .avi or .wmv video to Facebook.

About Facebook:
Facebook accept the uploading file formats: Mobile Video (*.3g2, *.3gp, *.3gpp), Windows Media Video (*.asf), AVI Video (*.avi), Flash Video (*.flv), MPEG Video (*.mpeg, *.mpe. *.mpg), MPEG-4 Video (*.m4v, *.mp4, *.mpeg4), Matroska Format (*.mkv),QuickTime Movie (*.mov, *.qt), Nullsoft Video (*.nsv), Ogg Format (*.ogm), DVD Video (*.vob), Windows Media Video (*.wmv)

The uploading file size is no more than 1GB and the video length is limited to 20 mins.

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