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Get ready to convert Excel table to HTML for the online survey and have the Excel forms prepared. However, it makes you frustrated as soon as get to know mastering the programming is must to create web forms from Excel spreadsheets.

Excel to HTML Converter is the most intuitive and versatile program enables Excel users to do the conversion from Excel .xls to HTML without the any assistance of programmer. Under the help of the converter, you can publish almost any Excel table with online calculators on the web. Once the cell contents are changed, it can instantly response to do the recalculation. More features about the Excel to HTML Converter.

Basic guide on How to convert Excel to HTML

Step 0: Download the Excel to HTML Converter, and install it on your PC. Then you will find the “Spreadsheet Converter” menu as an add-on appears in the menu bar.

Excel Editions-2003, 2007

Step 1: Open the Excel spreadsheet you want to convert. Then, click “Convert” and follow the wizard. Select “Automatic detection”->Go to “Presentation and Interaction” page, just press “Next” ->You can customize the output location on the “Select Location” page.

Load Excel spreadsheet

Step 2: On the final page, press “Finish” button to begin the converting process.

Excel to HTML page

After the conversion is finished, the generated web page will be automatically opened in your default browser.

Tip: If you are dissatisfied with the output effect, you can go back to the original Excel spreadsheet and do some changes.

Step 3: Add the generated webpage to your website (Only available for licensed users)

No matter what toolset you use, there are three basic operations you have to perform: Move the page to the web site , Insert the page into the site and Adapt the formatting of the page (optional).

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